What is the Essays on Childhood project?

The Essays on Childhood project is a core component of Esse Diem, the blog developed by West Virginia native and writer Elizabeth Gaucher.

Dedicated to the challenge of John Adams — “Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write,” Esse Diem covers a wide range of issues, yet holds the value of childhood experience and spiritual development as a center of gravity. Special original projects developed by Gaucher through her blog include Essays on a West Virginia Childhood and Essays On Childhood: A Sense of Place.

These projects would not exist without the inspiration and support of Jason Keeling, the blogger and manager of A Better West Virginia.  Many thanks to Jason for his creativity, his support, and his passion for making the world a better place!

This site is under development; your patience is appreciated during the “construction” process, and we look forward to launching the new site in its entirety later this spring.

Image credit: E. Gaucher

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