The Best Medicine by Michael Powelson

The Best Medicine The most important exchange I will ever have with my sister was about drugs. Neither of us were on any at the time (I was twelve years old; she nine). But I must admit that there have been moments since when I’ve been tempted to claim otherwise. You see, a chemical influence would go a long way in accounting for our bizarre behavior that day. It would also explain why neither of us can remember exactly how the whole mess started. It might have be … Read More

Essays on Childhood is honored to share this hilarious recounting by West Virginia native (now South Carolina resident) Michael Powelson of one strange and memorable afternoon of sibling connection over….well, just see for yourself.

Oscar Wilde observed that, “Opportunity may only knock once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.” Had he have driven down Cedar Lane that afternoon he could have completed the axiom, adding that “idiocy hangs out its second-story windows and yodels about Swiss throat drops.”

Visit Esse Diem by clicking here to learn a little bit more about Michael, and click the “Read More” link above to enjoy this delightful tale of the mysterious  ties that bind.

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