Name that Book!

Though a final product is many steps away (including contributing author agreements), I would like to self-publish a “best of” Essays on Childhood collection in the coming year.

What shall we call it?

I needed to put something in the project queue on – Self Publishing, so I quickly generated this:

Essays on Childhood: Becoming Ourselves by Claiming Our Earliest Stories

I like the message, but the title seems cumbersome and wordy.

What do you think?  Do you have any  ideas about how to best title a collection of EOC essays?    If your title is chosen you will be acknowledged in the book’s forward and receive a copy of the book as a gift.  Do tell, and thank you in advance for your creative assistance!

2 thoughts on “Name that Book!

  1. What a great idea! Here are some ideas just kicking around:
    Growing Up Hillbilly: Stories of a WV Childhood
    Children of the Mountains
    West Virginia Stories about Home
    What the Mountains Gave Us

    Well, I’m terrible at titles but this is just my first try. I”ll keepthinking! Best of luck with this project.

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