Essays on Childhood 2012 is OPEN!

This year I am trying something slightly different for

While men are present in this project, their numbers are small and I’ve had some good conversations with some generous souls about why that may be.


In 2012, the focus for this project will be men exploring in an essay anything they want to about their childhood experiences. It may be funny, sad, uplifting, discouraging, about courage or fear, about love or hate.  In short, it may be about anything you deem worthy of exploring with your writing and sharing with others.

If you know of men who may be interested, please share this post with them.  There are no geographic, gender, or generational limitations on qualifying as an essayist this year. All inquiries should be directed to

Thank you for your consideration. The calendar for the project is here:

April 3 is the deadline for submitting your bio and photograph.



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